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May 22, 1997 - Special Event (2 hrs.)

MIT Enterprise Forum featuring a review and analysis of the business plan of a Lebanon software company, Claret Software.

June 18, 1997

"KitchenSync, a Database Interface and More"
Peter Chase, President, Scribe Software (Bedford NH)

"Forming Your Business, Choose the Option that Benefits You"
Elliot Lerner, CPA, Berry, Dunn, McNeil, & Parker (Lebanon NH)

"The Keys to Protecting Your Intellectual Property"
Paul Remus, Esq., Devine, Millimet, & Branch (Manchester NH)

July 16, 1997

"Getting Connected"
John Cockerill, Technical Consultant, MCI (Manchester NH)

"You've Created This Terrific Software Product. Great! Now How Do You Market It?"
Karen Kaliski, Dir Product Marketing, Tally Systems Corp
Jon Brown, Veranda Product Manager, Tally Systems Corp

September 17, 1997

"A Manager's Guide to Programming the Web"
Bryant Patten, President, Bryten Inc. (Norwich VT)

"Valuing the Company"
Don Byrne, President & CEO, Arcadia Ventures Inc (Manchester NH)

October 14, 1997 "Network Security Issues: What The Bad Guys Can Do To You And What To Do To Stop Them"
Steve Goldsmith, President, SEG Network Technologies (Hanover NH)

"Closed Loop, The Sales & Marketing Trilogy"
John Kilgore, MarkSoft Management Resources Inc.
Laurie Wurster, MarkSoft Management Resources, Inc.

October 23, 1997 - Special Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Using Stock to Attract and Retain Key Employees"
Michael P. Losapio, CPA, CVA, MST, Berry, Dunn, McNeil, & Parker (Lebanon NH)
Kenneth S. Jones, CPA (Berry, Dunn, McNeil, & Parker (Lebanon NH)
James Cook, Esquire, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson (Manchester NH)
Curtis W. Little, Esquire, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson (Manchester NH)

November 19, 1997

"Computer Telephony Integration, Not Just Your Computer Dialing Your Telephone Anymore"
John Mazalewski, TeleSystems Marketing Applications/Tele Serv Inc (Manchester NH)

"How to Set Up an Inhouse Recruiting Function"
Robert Thomason, President, The Chaucer Group (Canterbury NH)

December 3, 1997 - Special Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Upgrade Your Sales Force in Less Than 30 Days"
Chris Mott, President Corporate Training Division, David Kurlan & Associates, Inc. (Southboro, MA)


January 21, 1998

"Looking Good on the Web: Your Internet Presence"
Svend Filby, President, Svend Design (Lebanon NH)

"Medici Technology, Inc - Snapshot of an Upper Valley Startup in its Seventh Month"
Donald Cooke, CEO, Medici and President, Geographic Data Technology (Lebanon NH)

February 18, 1998

"ONYX Total Customer Management - Much More than Sales Force Automation"
Frank Dwyer, Sr. Account Executive, ONYX Software Inc. (Stoneham MA)

"Market Research & Why It's Going to Make a Difference to Your Bottom Line"
Dave Quigley, Emerson Research and Communications (Newburyport MA)

March 18, 1998

"How to Get Bell Atlantic's Attention to Your Business Telecommunications Needs: The Protocol for Talking to a 500 Pound Gorilla"
Frank Windsor, Project Director, Wide-Area Interconnectivity for Networking the Granite State (WINGS) (Durham NH)

"Economic Development Assistance for Your Business"
Jim Saudade, Executive Director, Green Mountain Economic Development Corp (White River Jct VT)
Jill Eyre, Executive Director, Economic Development Corp of the Upper Valley (Lebanon NH)

April 15, 1998

"E-Commerce, What It Means, What It Takes, and What It Costs"
Brett Bourne, SEG Network Technologies Inc (Hanover NH)

"The Community is Virtual, but the Money is Real -- Building a Community for Customers on the Web"
Michael J. Yacavone, President, Xenium Corp (Hanover NH) Xenium is a business technology consulting firm.

May 20, 1998

"Apply Good Old Telcom Intelligence To E-Commerce And Web Support"
John Mazalewski, VP Sales & Marketing, TMA/Teleserv Inc (Manchester NH)

"Getting The State(S) And The 'Phone' Companies To Recognize The Market For Advanced Telecommunications And A Better Infrastructure"
Joe Scotti, President, Auditel (Hampstead NH)

June 10, 1998 - Special Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Financing a Company for Growth"
Peter J. McLaughlin, President, Chicago-Soft, Ltd. (Hanover NH)
James G. Cook, Esq. Attorney, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson (Manchester NH)
H. Kenneth Merritt, Jr., Esq., Merritt & Merritt (Burlington VT)
Gregory F. Kennedy, VP Commercial Loan and Business Development Officer, Mascoma Savings Bank (Lebanon NH)
Richard L. Green, President, Economic Development Corporation of the Upper Valley (EDCUV) (Lebanon NH)
Michael Losapio, CPA, CVA, MST, Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, (Manchester NH)
Don Byrne, President, Arcadia Ventures (Manchester NH)

June 17, 1998

"The Year 2000 Problem: The Potential Damage, The Risk, Your Options"
Karen Horvath, Product Manager, Tally Systems Corp (Lebanon NH)

"The Business Clinic: A Vehicle to Get Professional Advice for Your Business, and It's Free!"
Kevin Boyle, President, Merrimac Corporate Finance Inc (Manchester NH)

July 15, 1998

"Selling Software on the Internet"
Richard Brown, Manager of Special Projects, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)

"Use of Technology in Distance Learning and Corporate Training"
Paul Danos, Dean, The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)

September 16, 1998

"V3: Virtual Reality Software Right Here in the Upper Valley"
Mark Mullin, President, Draco Cyber Systems Inc (Lebanon NH)

"CMI: An Upper Valley High-Tech Success Story"
Dick Green, Business Advisor (Hanover NH) and Chairman, Soundcode Inc., (Seattle WA)

October 7, 1998 - Special Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Bob Dean and the Creare Story"
Dr. Robert C. Dean, Jr., President, Synergy Innovations Inc (Lebanon NH)

October 21, 1998

"Building Business Insight with Simulation Software "
Phil Ferneau, Director of Marketing & Business Development, High Performance Systems, Inc. (Hanover NH)

"Non-Traditional Sales Strategies for Technical Companies"
Kevin Hallenbeck, Sales Trainer, Sandler Sales Institute (Manchester NH)

November 18, 1998

"Creating Custom Solutions Through Truly Visual(TM) Programming"
Bob Conti, President, Northwoods Software Corporation (Nashua, NH)

"Taking a New Product to Market, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
Frank Reitter, Assist One Technologies (Burlington MA) former VP National Accounts, Philips Electronics Co.

December 9, 1998 - Special Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Employees in a HOT Job Market, In Any Industry"
James McKim, President ISRG, Inc., Chairman Technology Forum NH High Technology Council, Vice-Chairman Software Assoc of NH Consult's Forum Janet Phelps, Editor Business NH Magazine
Bob Murphy, HR Manager, Hypertherm
Edward F. (Ted) Gill, Sr Partner, MBG Associates
Beverly Widger, Human Resources Manager, Simon Pearce Glass
Robert Thomason, President, The Chaucer Group


January 20, 1999

"Resolution - Website Publishing, Authoring, Design, and Management Tool"
Frank Stama, Vice President, Dyad Systems (Bedford NH)
Rohit Dhanda, Regional Manager, Ncompass Labs (Fairfax VA)

"Business Models and Strategies that Attract Venture Financing "
Jeff Pollock, President of New Hampshire Business Development Corp (Manchester NH)

February 17, 1999

"Building Collaboration Applications with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange"
Bill Harper, President, Solutions Telecomputing (Hanover NH)

"Startup Money for Your Idea -- How to Get it Done"
Bill Overholt, Executive VP, Arcadia Ventures (Amherst NH)

March 3, 1998 - Seminar (2 hrs.)

"An Internet Website for Your Business"
Michael J. Yacavone, Internet management consultant, Xenium Corp
John Lehet,
Tom Morrissey, Woodstock Soapstone Stoves, West Lebanon NH
Bob Raiselis, Valley.Net, Norwich VT
Meg Houston,, Hanover NH
Jeff Doyle, ETAK Information Group, Lebanon NH

March 17, 1999

"Logical Objects and Multimedia - Flexible, Personalized Use of Multimedia for the Non-Programmer"
Don Byrne, Pres & CEO, KxMultimedia Software (Nashua NH)

"The Transition of NSS Corp. - Dealing with the Nasty 90's."
Doug Pearson, President, NSS Corp (Bedford NH)

April 21 1999

"ISO 9001 in a Software Development Organization, Bureaucratic Burden or Consistent Creativity?"
David Wilson, ISO 9000 Certified Lead Auditor, Pro-Link, Ltd. (Bedford, NH)

"Hot New Internet Tools for Obtaining/Filling Jobs"
Bob Thomason, President, The Chaucer Group (Canterbury NH)
James McKim, President, ISRG Inc, (Manchester NH)

May 19, 1999

"The iMac - Cute, But Should We Care?"
Presented by staff members of EduSoft A (West Lebanon NH)

"You Should Sell Your Company - Are You Ready?"
Romano Formichella, President, Ellaway Associates (Woodstock VT)

June 2, 1999 - Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Non-Traditional Sales Strategies & Techniques for Taking You to the Top"
Kevin Hallenbeck, Sales Trainer, Sandler Sales Institute (Manchester NH)

June 16, 1999

"The Y2K Problem, Failure is Not and Option -- The Experiences of CVPS "
Ron Rulli, Project Manager, Central Vermont Public Service (Rutland VT)

"Value Added Pricing: Pricing Technology Products"
Steve Davis, President, The Davis Management Group (Franklin MA)

July 21, 1999

"The Basics of Networking a Few Computers Together -- The Benefits, the Choices, the Support Requirements, the Costs."
Jason Dahlstrom, Network Engineer, SEG Network Technologies (Enfield NH)

"Writing a Business Plan"
Bill Overholt, Arcadia Ventures (Manchester NH) September 15, 1999

"Pretty Good Privacy - A Software Tool for Keeping Your Email Private"
Michael J. Yacavone, President, Xenium Group (Hanover, NH)

"Big Benefits for Small Companies - New Trends in Employee Benefits"
Janet M. Phelps, Editor, Business NH Magazine (Manchester NH)

October 6, 1999 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Conducting Business on the Web -- Classic Strategies, Revolutionary Tools"
Jeanne Gordon, Home Run Connection (Hartland VT)
Mark Mullin, Draco Systems (Lebanon NH)
Peg Comeau, Nhmade (Wolfboro NH)
Michael J. Yacavone, Xenium Group (Hanover NH)
Lindsay Frucci, No Pudge! Foods Inc (Hopkinton NH)
Brett Bourne, SEG Network Technologies Inc (Enfield NH)

October 20, 1999 "Creating the Next Generation of Web-based Interaction"
Michael Hillinger, LexIcon Systems (Sharon VT)

"Local Company Goes Public"
Jay Wood, President, Silknet Software Inc (Manchester NH)

November 17, 1999

"On Time and Under Budget? You Must Be Dreaming!"
Stephen Stofanak, Senior Consultant, Pro-Link, Ltd. (Bedford NH)

"Staying on Top of Your Game -- Training"
Jim Myers, Tally Systems Corp (Lebanon NH)

December 8, 1999 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Editor's Roundtable: The Most Newsworthy Items Of 1999 and A Crystal Ball Look At 2000"
Mark Pillsbury, Editor, Mass High Tech (Boston MA)
Timothy McQuiston, Editor-in-chief, Vermont Business Magazine (Burlington VT)
David R. Krueger, Marketing Director, Business NH Magazine (Manchester NH)
Morten Asbjomsen, President of Interface Media Group (Portland ME)
Jeff Feingold, Editor, New Hampshire Business Review


January 19, 2000

"Java, Its Flavors and Functions"
Joe Pych, President, (South Royalton VT)

"Hypertherm -- Best Company to Work For in New Hampshire -- And Profitable to Boot. Come Find Out Why"
Bob Murphy, Manager Human Resources, Hypertherm Inc (Lebanon NH)

February 16, 2000

"Manila - Build & Maintain Your Website Right in the Browser"
Brett Bourne, Webmaster, SEG Network Technologies (Hanover NH)

"Is Software Dead???"
Dan Taylor, CEO & President, Taylor Group (Bedford NH)

March 1, 2000 -- Seminar (2 hrs) -- CANCELLED

"How to Grow Your e-Business Through Brand Strategy"
Peter Getman, President, MicroArts Corporation (Greenland NH)

March 15, 2000

"Linux et al - a Good Match for your Business Computing Needs?"
Jason Dahlstrom, Engineering & Operations Manager, SEG Network Technologies (Hanover NH)

"Consultants - How to Get Them, How to Manage Them!"
Don Byrne, President and CEO of Arcadia Ventures (NH)

April 19, 2000

"Windows 2000 - Features & Functionality"
Mark Jennings, MCSE CNE, Dir of Engineering, SymQuest Group Inc (Burlington VT)
Chris Goodwin, MCSE CNE, Sr Network Engineer, SymQuest Group Inc (Burlington VT)

"The Windows 2000 Business Case - The Costs, The Benefits, The Choices"
Bill Harper, President, Solutions Telecomputing (Hanover NH)
Ray Coffin, Senior Technical Consultant, Systems Plus Computers Inc (Lebanon NH)
Matt White, Network Administrator, Berry, Dunn, MacNeil & Parker (Bangor ME)

May 17, 2000

"XML: Powerful, Flexible, and Well Established - What it Means for Your Web Site"
Eric Kidd, Web Software Developer (Norwich VT)

"Hiring, Recruiting and Retaining Winners"
Whit Mitchell, President, Working InSync International (Hanover NH)

June 7, 2000 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Windows 2000: What Do You Get For Your Money?"
Chris Goodwin, Sr Network Engineer, SymQuest Group Inc (So. Burlington VT)
Jessie Corwin, Account Manager, SymQuest Group Inc (West Lebanon NH)
Joe Pych, President, (Hanover NH)
Matt White, Network Administrator, Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker (Bangor ME)
Bill Harper, Consultant, Solutions Telecomputing (Hanover NH)
Michelle Brochu, Sales Manager, Systems Plus Computers Inc (Lebanon NH)

June 21, 2000

"Virtual Private Networking at Geographic Data Technology"
Wayne St. Jacques, Manager Information Technology, Geographic Data Technology (Lebanon NH)

"Getting R & D Funding From the Government - An Introduction to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program."
Mike Hillinger, President, LexIcon Systems (Sharon VT)
Jim Barry, Principal Engineer, Creare Inc (Hanover NH)

July 19, 2000

"Outsourcing Your Computer and Network Operations, Renting the Expertise You Need"
Tad Richardson, President, Vision Business Systems (West Lebanon NH)

"Outsourcing Your Human Resources Function, Do What You Do Best, Outsource the Rest"
Sue Brodie, Operations Consultant (Lyndeborough NH)

September 20, 2000

"The Website is the Business: Technical Tips for Marketing Yours"
John Barrett, Senior Web Developer, SEGNET Technologies (Enfield NH)
Kirsten Drummond, Web Developer, SEGNET Technologies (Enfield NH)

"Using Web-Based Tools to Focus On Hiring, Rather Than Managing The Hiring Process"
Joe Barca, Business Partner Sales Executive, BrassRing Systems (Waltham MA)

October 4, 2000 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Local Company Under the Microscope -- An Analysis of the Business Plan"
This is an MIT Business Forum with panelists:

Stephan Condodemetraky, President & Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets Group, Inc (Derry NH)
Bruce H. Bumpus, founder and Principal of The Sagamore Group (Medfield MA)
Philip Ferneau, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)
Michael Ginsberg, Senior Consultant, Berkeley Enterprise Partners, Inc. (Boston MA)
Bob Thomason, President, Chaucer Group Inc.(Canterbury NH) -- Moderator

October 18, 2000

"The World in the Palm of Your Hand - 3COM's Palm Pilot"
Scot Langdon, Sai Software Consultants (Nashua NH)

"Getting Out of That Contract from Hell -- Legally"
Doug Verge, Attorney, Sheehan, Phinney, Bass + Green, PA (Manchester NH)

November 15, 2000

"Voice Over IP and Cisco's Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data (AVVID)"
Brian Stevens, Channel Account Manager, Cisco Systems (Lexington MA)

"A New Slant on Team Building for the Progressive Organization"
Helen Dutton, Business and Personal Coach, A Vision of Your Own, LLC (Weare NH)

December 6, 2000 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Critical Stages in the Growth of a Company"


Bill Breed, Chairman of the Board, Johnson & Dix (Lebanon NH)
Mike Gerling, President, Geographic Data Technologies Inc (Lebanon NH)
Ted Jastrzembski, President, Tally Systems Corp. (Lebanon NH)
Pete Kusinski, President, Sigma Data Inc (New London NH)
Nick Orem, Sr Vice President International Operations and Services PrintCafe (Lebanon NH); Formerly, President, Logic Associates
Dr. Philip Anderson, Associate Professor of Business Administration Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College and Research Director, John H. Foster Center for Private Equity (Hanover NH) - moderator


January 17, 2001

"Wireless Technology: What's Out There Right Now That You Can Use And What's Coming Down The Pipe"
Ravi Devulapally, Manager Emerging Technologies, Numbers Only Inc
Kirit Basu, Technology Evangelist, Numbers Only Inc (West Lebanon NH)

"Trade Secrets - What Every Company Needs to Know"
Geoffrey Vitt, Attorney, Vitt & Jones Attorneys (Norwich VT)

February 21, 2001

"Keeping Tabs On Your Network"
Rich Brown, President, Dartware LLC (Hanover NH)

"You've Thought About the Beginning and Dreamed About the Middle, But Have You Thought Through to Your Finale?"
Or "Business Succession Planning Issues at the Entity Formation Stage."
John Storrs Stebbins Esq., Director
Peter J. Gardner Esq., Associate
Both of Stebbins Bradley Wood & Harvey P.A (Hanover NH)

March 7, 2001 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Marketing Process; Budget And Staffing"
Ralph Grabowski, Principal, marketingVP, (Andover MA)

March 21, 2001

"XML at 2001 - What Can It Do and Why Should You Care?"
Peter Weitzman, Director of Software Development Framework Technologies Inc (Lebanon NH)

"Successful Product Development - from Conception to Market to Customer Service"
John Dulmage, John G. Dulmage & Associates (Bethel VT)

April 18, 2001

"Small Business Networking And Internet Connectivity -- How To Deal With It Sensibly"
Mike Diehn, Manager Network Operations, Vicinity Corporation (Lebanon NH)

"Selling Over the Telephone -- Tried And True Techniques For Boosting Your Success"
Dave Chioffi, President, System Works Inc (Woodstock VT)

May 9, 2001

"UVCIA's Second Annual Scholarship Award & Project Presentations"
Christopher Gilman, Bradford VT, Oxbow High School "Designing a Hovercraft" Kyle Smith, Wilder VT, Hartford High School
"Web Based Helpdesk and Ticketing System In Java and MySQL"

"Funding & Support in Your Own Back Yard"
Steve Epstein, Dick Greene, & Gene Talsky Grafton County Economic Development Council, Lebanon, NH

June 6, 2001 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Lead & Process Management in the Internet Age"
Pete Blair, President, Interactive Dynamics (Sanbornton NH)
Don Glass, President, DGA Corporation (New London NH)

June 20, 2001

"3D is Ready for Sales, Marketing and Training"
Mark Mullin, CEO/CTO, Vibrant 3D Inc (Portsmouth NH)

"Leadership -- Taking It To The Next Level"
Whit Mitchell, President, Working InSync International (Hanover NH)

July 18, 2001

"Taming the Enterprise Architecture Monster"
Jeff Tash, President, Flashmap Systems Inc (Newton MA)

"The Tax Relief Act of 2001 - How It Affects Your Financial Plan"
Mark Severs, Financial Consultant, CFP, Salomon Smith Barney (Lebanon NH)

September 19, 2001

"Thin Client Computing - Controlling the Cost of Application Ownership"
Mark Rickner, Account Manager/Network Services Team, SymQuest Group Inc (South Burlington VT)

"Business Issues as affected by New Hampshire Tax Policy"
John Crosier, President, Business & Industry Association of NH (Concord NH)

October 3, 2001 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Microsoft on Windows XP/Microsoft on Microsoft - The .NET Strategy"
Steve Carbone, Technical Specialist, Microsoft (Waltham MA)
Lisa Callnan, Account Manager ME-NH-VT, Microsoft (Portland ME)

October 16, 2001

"Outside The .Net - Software InterOp For The Rest Of Us"
Brett Bourne, Director, Tip Top Technology Group (White River Junction VT)

"Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times - Back to the Basics"
Mary Collins, Director, NH Small Business Development Center (Durham NH)

November 15, 2001

"Solid State Disk Storage"
Timothy McCarthy, Vice President Business Development
Esteban Rubens, Senior Systems Engineer
both of Platypus Technology Inc (West Lebanon NH)

"Economic Trends for Medium and Small Businesses"
Jonathan Dowst, Senior Vice President Fleet Bank Small Business Services (Nashua NH)

December 5, 2001 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Branding: A Little Effort, A Lot of Return"
Charles "Chip" Evans Jr, Senior Consultant Gregory S. Franklin Associates, LLC (Lebanon NH)
Mike Yacavone, board of directors, AVA Gallery (Lebanon NH)
Tim McCarthy, Vice President Business Development Platypus Technology Inc (West Lebanon NH)
Paula Parker, Vice President and Marketing Officer, Ledyard National Bank (Hanover NH)
Patricia Crawford, Executive Director Center for Corporate Governance Tuck School of Business (Hanover NH)


January 19, 2002

"North Country Connect - Low-Cost, High-Speed Connectivity in the Valley"
Peter Riviere, Executive Secretary Coos Economic Development Corporation (Lancaster NH)
North Country Connect Task Force

"Unleashing Your Company's Creative Potential"
Alex Jaccaci, President, Growth Curve Associates (Post Mills VT)

February 20, 2002

"Online Transactions, What It Takes to Protect Your Cash"
Christopher Irish, Network and Telecommunications Officer
Thomas Hoyt, Business Development Officer
Both of Mascoma Savings Bank (Lebanon NH)

"Angels and Venture Capital - The State of the Market"
Jeffrey Sohl, Director, Center for Venture Research, Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire (Durham NH)

March 6, 2002 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"What VT and NH Are Doing to Attract, Grow, and Keep Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs -- And What They Can Do For You!
Christopher D'Elia, Vermont Commissioner of Economic Development (Montpelier VT).
Stuart T. Arnett, Director, New Hampshire Division of Economic Development (Concord NH)
Dr. Robert Dean Jr., President, Synergy Innovations (Lebanon NH)
Elizabeth Lundberg-Patterson, Senior Director of Corporate Operations, AIRS (White River Junction VT)
Jeffrey Wennberg, Manager of the Rutland County Solid Waste District (Rutland VT)
Robert Thomason, President, the Chaucer Group (Canterbury NH), -- Moderator --

March 20, 2002

"Wireless Applications: Advantages for Your Business"
Jeff Kibbie, Business Development Manager, Numbers Only Inc (West Lebanon NH)

"Entrepreneurial Initiatives at Dartmouth"
Gregg Fairbrothers, Director, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)

April 17, 2002

"Cheaper, Faster, Easier - The Promise of the Coming Wave in Web Services"
Mike Yacavone, President, Xenium Corp (Hanover NH)
Brett Bourne, Director, Tip Top Technology Group (White River Jct VT)

"Building a Business Around Web Services - the AIRS Story"
Susan Oxford, Director of Training and Development, Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (Wilder VT)

May 22, 2002

"UVCIA's Third Annual Scholarship Award & Project Presentations"
Jonathan Barrett (Georges Mills NH), Sunapee Middle High School
"Developing an Animated 3-Dimensional Small Gasoline Engine For Use As A Demonstration and Teaching Tool"
Brian Lewis (Lyme NH), Hanover High School
"Using CAD and Computing Skills to Build a Stage of the Patient Interface in Support of an Alternative to the Mammogram"

"Providing Technology Services as a Community Benefit"
Ron Boehm, Executive Director, ValleyNet Inc (Norwich VT)

June 5, 2002 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Broadband - High Speed Internet and More - What, When, and How Much?
David McBride, Sales Manager, SoverNet (Bellows Falls, VT)
Steve Goldsmith, President and Chief Technology Officer, segNET Technologies, Inc. (Enfield, NH)
Beth Fastiggi, Associate Director of Public and Community Relations, Verizon Vermont (South Burlington, VT)
Jeff McCarthy, Sales Manager, Adelphia Business Solutions VT/NH (South Burlington, VT)
Gary W. Duhaime, Sales Engineer Manager, Lightship Telecom (Bedford, NH)
Rick Eary, Principal, Communications Advisory Group, Inc. (Bridgewater, VT) -- Moderator --

June 19, 2002

"3D Data Visualization - Seeing Things as Never Before"
Mark Mullin, CEO/CTO, Vibrant3D (Portsmouth NH)

"Microsoft Licensing - Impact on the Upper Valley"
Schyler Jones, Technology Consultant, CATCH Data Systems Inc. (Hanover, NH)

July 17, 2002

"Marketing for a New Economy: Sustainable Valley Group Uses Technology to Get the Word Out"
Erik Larson, Organizer, Sustainable Valley Group (Springfield VT)

"New Hampshire's Technology Initiatives"
Stuart T. Arnett, Director, New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development (Concord NH)

September 18, 2002

"The Myth of Productivity - What You Lose When Upgrading Software"
Michael Yacavone, President, XeniumGroup (Hanover NH)

"How to Avoid the Top 10 Management Mistakes in Operating Your Company"
John Dulmage, John G. Dulmage & Associates (Barnard VT)

October 2, 2002 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"De-Mystifying The Art of Successful Selling (Selling with Grace)
Dennis McDonough, President, Attitude & Response Management Systems (Shelburne VT)

October 16, 2002

"Risk Management - How Much is Enough?"
Mark Caiazzo, Principal and CISA, Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker (Portland ME)

"Agility: How Organizations, Groups And Teams Can Thrive Amidst Rapid Change"
George Metes, Co-founder and Director, Agility International (Windsor VT)

November 20, 2002

"Problem-Knowledge Couplers - Making Sense of Huge Amounts of Medical Data - Will It Revolutionize the Way You Receive Health Care?"
Howard Pierce, CEO, PKC Corporation (Burlington VT)

"Leadership - Taking It To The Next Level"
Whit Mitchell, President, Working in Sync International (Hanover NH)

December 4, 2002 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"The Thrill of the Ride - Managing Cash Flow in a Small to Medium Size Business"
Justin Wheating, CFO Simon Pearce Glass (Windsor, VT)
Dan Dewey, CFO/Vice President, Finance & Admin The College Kit (West Lebanon, NH)
Joseph Pych, Founder and President NextMark, Inc. (Hanover, NH)
Bill Hogan, CFO Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Waterbury, VT)
Mike Gonnerman, Founder & CEO Mike Gonnerman, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
Gregg E. Fairbrothers, Executive Director Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) -- Moderator --


January 15, 2003

"Self Maintaining Websites Using Smart Features"
Ted Adler, Founder & President
Andy Vota, Director of Product Development
both of Union Street Media (Burlington VT)

"Web Marketing on a Shoestring Budget"
Mark Shudt, Former Director of Marketing, Dialout.Net, Inc (Nashua, NH)

February 19, 2003

"Network Security 2003: How to Protect Your Company From The Latest Internet Blended Threats"
Brian Larson, Channel Manager, Symantec Corp (Waltham MA)

"Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems - The Myths and the Realities"
Dan Affeldt, Chief Marketing Officer, D-M Partners Inc (Montgomeryville PA)

March 5, 2003 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Website Content Management Systems (CMS) - Leveraging the Benefits, Controlling the Costs"
Jeanne Eicks, President [Moderator] Locust Creek, Ltd. Co. and Professor and E-Commerce Program Coordinator Vermont Technical College,Randolph, VT
Brett Bourne, Director Tip Top Technology Group, White River Junction, VT
Paul Courtney, Project Director BioInformatics at Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH
Meg Houston Maker, Web Producer Dartmouth Development, Hanover, NH
Bill Rogers, CEO Ektron, Inc., Amherst, NH, a CMS developer
Mike Yacavone, President XeniumGroup, Hanover, NH

March 19, 2003

"Using Web-Delivered Video for Training and Education"
Michael Hillinger, President, LexIcon Systems (Sharon VT)
Sam Lotto, Customer Relations Consultant, PKC Corporation (Burlington VT)

"Your Software Engineering Group - An Owner's Manual"
Steve Maker, Manager, Clinical Information Systems Team Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (Hanover NH)

April 16, 2003

"Vermont and New Hampshire, Two New Administrations, What Have They Done To Foster Business and Economic Growth In Their 1st 100 Days"
Kevin Dorn, Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, State of Vermont (Montpelier, VT)
Stuart Arnett, Director of Economic Development State of New Hampshire (Concord NH)

May 21, 2003

"UVCIA's Fourth Annual Scholarship Award & Project Presentations"

"Moon Landing Simulator"
Jacqueline Kenney, Woodstock Union High School

"Mounting And Adapting A Computer To A Vehicle For Serving MP3 Files"
Eben Bayer, South Royalton High School

"Pen and Paper meets the PC, The Tablet PC"
Jake Blum, President, Systems Plus Computers (Lebanon NH)

"Economic Strategy and Outlook for 2003"
Keith Lewandoski, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley (West Lebanon NH)

June 4, 2003 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Acquisition and Divestiture, Growth Through Strategic Acquisition and Business Exit Strategies"
Joseph Fusco, VP of Communications Casella Waste Systems Inc (Rutland VT)
Jerry Cifor, former Sr. VP and CFO, Casella Waste Systems Inc Currently a Principal at Tangram Partners (Burlington VT)
Robert MacNeil, founder of Northeast Waste Services Currently founder and operator of RSR Robsan Resources, Inc.

June 18, 2003

"SPAM Control - What You Can Do to Fight Back"
Mark Jennings, Manager of Network Engineering, SymQuest Group Inc (Burlington VT)

"Saving and Making Energy, Saving and Making Money"
Jeffery Wolfe, P.E., Principal, Global Resource Options LLP (Strafford VT)

July 16, 2003

"Fast Prototyping, Visualization, and Shorter Time to Implementation Using Cocoa for Mac OS X"
Bjorn Smith, Software Engineer (White River Jct VT)

"A Commercial Bank That Actually Likes Technology"
Jack Gaziano, Senior Relationship Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (Newton, MA)

September 17, 2003

"Installing a Home Network in an Hour"
Mike Diehn, former Network Manager, Vicinity Corp., Lebanon NH

"The Seven Keys to Job Security"
Geoff Eckler, CPC, Principal Consultant, EPN Inc (Woodstock VT)

October 1, 2003 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Key Web Marketing Elements - Critical Steps and a Case Study of Success"
Bud Reed, Vice President, Timberline Interactive Inc (Middlebury VT)
Tony Hanslin, CEO, Yankee Barn Homes (Grantham NH)
Michael Yacavone, President, Xenium Group (Hanover NH)

October 15, 2003

"Making the Right Play: Tracking and Evaluating Emerging Technologies for Your Company"
Clifford Riggs, Senior Partner, Proteris Group LLC (Williston VT)

"Build It And They Will Come: Myth or Reality?"
Tony Paradiso, CEO, Paramar Consulting (Amherst NH)

November 19, 2003

"Putting Your File Cabinet Right at Your Keyboard - Using a Document Management System to Save Time, Effort, and Money"
Jim Myers, Network Services Team, SymQuest Group (Burlington VT)

"PC Maintenance 101 - The Top Ten Things You Can Do To Keep Your Computer Working Right"
Andrew Toler, Computing Support Team Leader, Dartmouth Medical School (Hanover NH)

December 3, 2003 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"TELESALES: Still The Most Cost Effective Way To Get Your Sales Personnel In Front Of Your Customers"
R. Wayne Roland, Edward A. Stanley, principals, of Prime Krew Inc. (New Ipswich NH)


January 21, 2004

"Voice as Data: Better? Cheaper? Right for Your Business? - A Look at the Convergence of Voice and Data"
Steve Head, Telecommunications Solutions Architect, HeadNetworks LLC (Bedford NH)

"Disaster Strikes: Are You Ready? - Key Components of Business Continuity Planning"
Arlene Silva, Dir. of Corporate Business Continuity Planning, National Life Group (Montpelier VT)

February 18, 2004

"Digital Forensics: Investigating Computer Crime"
Hugh Pierce, Principal, ForenSec, Ltd. (Thetford VT)

"Planning While Waiting For The Economic Recovery"
Bill Overholt, President, NanoSciences Corporation (Oxford CT)

March 17, 2004 "Source Code Control in the Internet Age"
Greg Larkin, Owner, SourceHosting.Net, LLC (Hollis NH)

"Budget Conscious Marketing"
Anne Stanton, President, The Norwich Group (Norwich VT)

April 7, 2004 -- Seminar (2 hrs)

"Common Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Plus Actions You Can Take To Improve Your Marketing And Increase Sales"
Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman, President, Aegis Resources Inc (Killingworth CT)

April 21, 2004 "Demystifying Wireless - Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask"
Alan Johnson, Director of Technical Operations, FINOWEN LLC (Lebanon NH) "Leadership for Today's Workforce: - 4 Practices to Create High Engagement and Results"
Alex Jaccaci, President, Growth Curve Associates (Post Mills VT)

May 19, 2004

"UVCIA's Fifth Annual Scholarship Award & Project Presentations"
Josiah Gruber
Wells River, VT
Mid Vermont Christian School, White River Jct, VT
Project: Creating a Fast Desktop System From Inexpensive Parts

"Montpelier Cuts The Cord: Bringing Big City Technology to the Nation's Smallest Capital"
Jack Hoffman, Executive Director, Vermont Broadband Council (Waterbury VT)

"Ready for Takeoff - The Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC) at Centerra Resource Park in Lebanon, NH.
Gregg Fairbrothers, Executive Director, Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)

June 2, 2004 -- Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Elements of Success: 4 Businesses Who Are Making It And Why"
Steven Voigt, President The King Arthur Flour Company Inc. (Norwich VT)
John Carroll, Manager of Corporate Improvement Hypertherm Inc (Hanover NH)
Jon McNeill, Chairman Vermont Tubbs Inc (Brandon VT)
Neil Joseph, President Sonnax (Bellows Falls VT)
Ken Merritt, Managing Director Merritt, Merritt, & Moulton (Burlington VT) Moderator

June 16, 2004

"UVCIA Scholarship Award & Project Presentation"
Matilda Urie
Brookfield, VT
Randolph Union High School
Project: Building a Windmill Generator From Scratch

"The Future of Remote Access"
Steve Ryder, President, WAN Strategies LLC (Manchester NH)

"The Top Ten Employer Wage and Hour Law Violations and How to Avoid Them"
Sean M. Gorman, Attorney, Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green (Lebanon NH)

July 21, 2004

"Running Production Linux, Companies That Are Doing It Today"
Stephen Cochran, Manager, Special Projects Peter Kiewit Computer Services, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH)

"The University of Vermont... Open for Business"
Cynthia Belliveau, Co-Director, Continuing Education
Janice St. Onge, Director of Business Education, Vermont Business Center
Both of the University of Vermont (Burlington VT)

September 15, 2004 -- Seminar (2 hrs.)

"Broadband, Bucks & Your Business How the Internet Can Maximize Your Return on Investment"
Greg Franklin, President Gregory S. Franklin Associates LLC (Lebanon NH)
"Overview of the 2nd Annual NH Broadband Supply and Demand Research"
Alan Johnson, Director of Technical Operations Finowen LLC (Lebanon NH)
"Technospeak 101- Understanding Wireless And A Review Of A Successful Local Business Story Utilizing Available Technologies"
Thomas Lyons, President SoVerNet Inc (Bellows Falls VT)
"Technospeak 102 - Server Based Tools, And Another Local Success Story"
Thomas Murray, Dir. Telecommunications Infrastructure Advancement State Of Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development (Montpelier VT)
"Broadband and Economic Development in Vermont"
Jeremy Katz, CEO SegNet Technologies Inc (Enfield NH)
"A 3rd Local Success Story, And A Look Forward At Future Trends"
Stuart Arnett, Director of Economic Development State of New Hampshire (Concord NH) Moderator

October 20, 2004

"VTC and Panurgy Partner Using Vermont Interactive Television Technology Training in Rural Vermont"
Curtis Trousdale, President, Vermont Panurgy Corp (So. Burlington)

"Offshore Outsourcing - Innovation or Screwed up Nation?"
Tim Abraham, Tim Abraham Project Consulting (Killington VT)

November 17, 2004

"Blogs: Using Technology to Increase Business"
Anne Stanton, President, The Norwich Group (Norwich VT)

"Employee Baggage: Restrictions and Limitations on Employees After Leaving Employment"
Arnie Rosenblatt, Partner, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, PLLC (Manchester NH)


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